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Data Pipelining

Steinert Analytics goes beyond basic MarTech and sales software integration. We leverage Keboola Connection to build seamless data pipelines that ensure clean, high-quality data flows into your insights platform.


This, combined with our proven Steinert Analytics Process, gets you to actionable insights faster and provides a competitive advantage.

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Data Reporting and Analysis

Don't settle for static reports! Steinert Analytics transforms raw data into actionable insights through our expert reporting and analysis. We leverage industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Looker and Looker Studio to create dynamic dashboards and reports that tell a clear story.


This deeper understanding empowers your marketing and sales teams to make data-driven decisions that optimize campaigns, improve ROI, and keep you ahead of the competition.

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Data Science & AI Capabilities

Empower your teams and democratize data science with Steinert Analytics' AI and automation expertise. We leverage a powerful combination of tools including Molecula/Featurebase/Ensemble and Keboola Connection. This allows us to automate tedious tasks like internal reporting (think automated email sends!) while simultaneously enabling in-depth data science analysis, such as customer sentiment. This empowers everyone in your organization, from highly technical users to those less familiar with code.


The result? Faster access to valuable insights and a significant reduction in workload, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

User Interface
Data Processing

MarTech Specialization Highlights


We successfully re-architected a $100M FinTech firm’s Salesforce Opportunity pipeline that optimized speed of delivery from a three minute load time down to thirty seconds.


We leverage Keboola to seamlessly pull all of HubSpot’s data in a flash, which enables advanced insights for your marketing team’s call center and email campaigns


As central Ohio's premier analytics consulting agency, we are supercharging your email marketing with the power of Klaviyo. Klaviyo isn't just another email marketing platform; it's a data-driven powerhouse built to maximize customer engagement and fuel your ROI when paired with insight reporting. Partnering with Keboola, we can give you the fastest time to value on these reports.

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