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The Steinert Analytics Process

Strategic Discovery

This initial phase involves close collaboration with you to understand your specific business goals and challenges. We try to define your five pain points based on your business financials free of charge. We focus on areas for improvement with your sales and marketing expenses - exploring where and how they are happening.

In a Meeting

Build Phase One Insights Platform

First, we build a solid foundation for your data analysis. This phase focuses on creating a data pipeline to ensure clean, high-quality data is set up for insights, analysis and actions.

Data Exploration and Insights Development:

With a robust data pipeline in place, we dive into data exploration and analysis. We utilize advanced techniques to uncover hidden trends, identify customer behavior patterns, and extract actionable insights.

Reporting and Recommendation:

The insights are then transformed into clear, concise reports and visualizations tailored to your needs. We will also provide actionable recommendations based on our analysis, empowering you to optimize your marketing and sales strategies.

Feedback, Iteration and Action:

The Steinert Analytics Process is not a linear one. We prioritize continuous improvement through regular check-in meetings to ensure everything is functioning as planned.


Feedback from your team is incorporated to refine the data pipeline, adapt the analysis, and ultimately maximize the value you receive from your MarTech and sales software investment.

This refinement ultimately fuels actions being taken on behalf of your insights platform.

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