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Welcome To Steinert Analytics

Elevating Your Brand's Story.

We transform your data into actionable revenue and cost-saving insights for Central Ohio's SaaS startups using The Steinert Analytics Process.

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About Us

Leveling up Your Marketing & Sales Departments

Your MarTech Mission Control, Fueling Tech Growth with Data-Driven Domination.

Tired of marketing data stuck in a holding pattern, collecting cobwebs instead of conversions?

At Steinert Analytics, we're not just data consultants, we're MarTech missionaries, rocketing tech companies like yours to revenue-generating glory in Central Ohio.

Founded by Christian Steinert in 2021, we are excited for the opportunity to level up your company's capabilities and insights with data. 


Founded In
Our Core Values

Unrivaled Transparency


An Egoless Candor

A Thirst For Continuous Learning

Brock Leonti
Founder & CEO, Prescribe FIT

Steinert Analytics was a game-changer for our digital health tech company. We had a massive amount of data from various EHRs handled by one of our data engineers who departed. Steinert Analytics came in and served as the backbone for our data infrastructure in a pinch.


They enhanced our data pipeline processes with heavy documentation to help our new data hires onboard and stood-in for internal roles until we backfilled them. We wouldn't have been able to withstand the rapid growth we experienced in early 2024 without Steinert Analytics.

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We focus on building robust insights and automation platforms for marketing & sales departments of small to mid-sized companies in the central Ohio region.

Data Pipelining

We leverage Keboola to move data from its source into a destination that makes it friendly for presentation.

Data Reporting & Analysis

Utilizing modern analytics tools, we build reports that help you understand where your marketing & sales money has been going historically and where it can go to save money and increase opportunities for you.

Data Science & AI Capabilities

Leveraging GenAI, we have the ability to create automations that help reduce time spent on customer relationship management while also enabling prescriptive customer insights.

Our Competitive Edge

Minimal Overhead

  • When we leave, your data team will not need to be fully staffed

  • One to two people can manage the entire tech stack

  • Extensive training to a select few of your associates to ensure easy transition

Local & Reliable

  • Top reputation in Central Ohio

  • We will always ensure the job gets done well

  • World class support from our vendors

  • Always open to feedback as we prioritize being egoless

Partnered with Keboola to deliver the fastest time to value

  • Low cost

  • From no insights platform to useable reporting and analysis in a timeline mutually agreed upon

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Serving the Central Ohio Area

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